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Cannabis vs. Wine

Cannabis vs. Wine

What Do You Prefer? Does the preference depend on who you socialize with? Does this issue matter when you choose who to date?

Sisterhood is Powerful and Wine has been a staple amongst the culture of women bonding and sisterhoods forming for centuries. From girl’s night out, to celebratory dinners, and the occasional happy hour get together with work associates, these crushed fermented and bottled up grapes have been choice libations for relaxation, and jovial, serious and often intimate conversations between women.

It sounds so familiar, however with the legalization and known medicinal benefits of cannabis my question is,
“Is Cannabis becoming just as socially accepted among women in social settings? Or not?”

As I researched this subject it became more apparent to me that this issue is more controversial than I ever thought. And it all boils down to individual preference and perceived personal morals.

Cannabis mothers say it’s relaxing, therapeutic and mentally stimulating, allowing them to have the extra energy to play with building blocks, prepare meals, help with homework or finish folding the three loads of laundry.

The wine drinking mothers say wine expands their tolerance level and allows them to relate and release the stress of the daily tasks and responsibilities. Hmm…are these daily wine drinkers slowly becoming alcoholics? Many are on the fence or completely against using cannabis and mostly for moral reason due to the negative stereotypes used to label cannabis smokers.

I interviewed a cannabis mother and she expressed that it was hard to interact with mothers that prefer wine over cannabis. Think about the turned-up wine drinker with a curved appetite vs the relaxed cannabis connoisseur looking for the next snack. Doesn’t exactly make a perfect match for certain social settings due to the extreme physiological difference between alcohol and cannabis. So, what is the Resolve?

Rock singer and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge has her own line of Molyneux’s cannabis wine called “Know Label.” The wine is created using a purely organic seasonal process with premium
grapes from the Arroyo Grande valley infused with premium cannabis flower from the Santa Cruz Mountains. Melissa Etheridge says  “Our cannabis-infused wine will relax you with an extraordinary smooth taste to match!”

There are several Canna Wine Companies popping up in the cannabis community. Maybe this is the barrier breake, amongst the sisterhood community. Maybe these infused fermented beverages can create a new medium for girls’ night out, playdates, residential social gatherings, and more bringing cannabis and wine drinkers together. What is your opinion? We Would love to hear

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