Las Vegas Cannagars, Exotic Luxery Cannabis Expierence…..

/Las Vegas Cannagars, Exotic Luxery Cannabis Expierence…..

Las Vegas Cannagars, Exotic Luxery Cannabis Expierence…..

LasVegas Cannagars Premium cannrillos, cannagars and specialty items.

This company is compiled of a group of amazing humans with a phenomenal artistic skill set. I have had the privilege to surround myself with these innovators in the cannabis Industry. What they create truly should be recognized as and art. They have perfected the art of a paperless cannacigar called the “Perfecto” This beauty comes with 2 grams of premium flower 1-gram premium live resin then frosted with live resin crumble. Amazing, right? I’m not done, they also have 100% cannabis cured cannarillos these wood tipped pieces of heaven has the same amazing ingredients although they are wrapped in cured cannabis leave and for valentines they hit us with the 100% organic edible rose petals wrapped cannrillo. Las Vegas Cannagars not only gives you a premium product but an unforgettable experience.

Smoking Sisters Society was gifted one of the products that has not hit the market yet and let me tell you something …. 7grams of premium flower, 3grams of premium live resin, wrapped in cured cannabis leaves…. Wheeww! This wonder of the world was shared amongst several individuals over a 48-hour period, absolutely amazing. This particular cannabis cigar I’m speaking of was featured on Vice Channel’s Show the Most Expensivest hosted by 2 Chainz …. The reason being something like that would roughly cost somewhere around $500 retail…. So I thank the Las Vegas Cannagar Crew for  blessing Smoking Sisters Society with that master piece.

Smoking Sisters Society is excited to announce that we be featuring at our next event  you will be able to meet and interact with the team of individuals that created this magical product….


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  1. Demontye goddess420 March 20, 2018 at 10:19 am

    I cant WAIT to be a part of something amazing wonderful fantastic caring loving fun exciting laughter knowledgeable educational was my sister’s now how do I get my free ticket and I need a t-shirt

    • admin May 23, 2018 at 4:51 pm

      Im so excited also are you a memeber of our community? Do you go to events?

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