Doobie Sesh With Smoking Sisters SanBernardino, California

/Doobie Sesh With Smoking Sisters SanBernardino, California

Doobie Sesh With Smoking Sisters SanBernardino, California

Smoking Sisters Society would like to acknowledge, and shout THANK YOU to the Cannabis Community for embracing and supporting our movement.

Doobie Sesh was an exciting experience which provided an awesome platform for artist and vendors to promote their talent, dreams, products and visions to the cannabis community, and that is just what Smoking Sisters Society alongside Gina Jay of I AM HIP HOP TV did! It was so exciting to interact with so many different entities of the Culture. There were individuals from all over the United Stated showcasing their and skills…. The vendors were so lit providing the community with everything from edibles, flower, food, and fun.
We are excited to announce that we will be participating and look forward to participating in future events throughout the cannabis community. Look out for Smoking Sisters Society at events throughout Cannabis and Culture Community….

Don’t forget to join our FREE Smoking Sisters Society membership, to be apart of  a society of individuals with like minds, principals and values. We celebrate the…….~The Art Of Staying Connected~

~Smoking Sisters Society~

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