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Smoking Sisters Society are brand ambassadors that would like to represent your company at our next luxury cannabis social. We reach a wide variety of people in the cannabis community demographic. I would like to invite you on our journey.  We hand pick our vendors because it is our mission to celebrate the artist, innovators and creators in the cannabis community. By creating unique networking experiences fueled by love, acceptance, and understanding.  It is our sole purpose to provide a luxurious atmosphere to congregate, smoke, network, make money and enjoy each other.  We are looking to build a strong networking community that stands together to build up our brands so we can remain killing the game.

When you become a vendor at one of our private social cannabis events, we will use your product donation to create content and buzz for your product via our social media and website.  Prices for our vendor spaces are as follows:

  • Flower and Concentrate Vendors are $125 plus 25 donations. Includes 1 table 2 chairs and 2 vendor passes.
  • Edible Vendors, Topicals & etc. are $75 plus 25 non perishable donations. Includes 1 table 2 chairs and 2 vendor passes.
  • Non – Cannabis Vendors are $50. Includes 1 table 2 chairs and 2 vendor passes.
We ask that vendors bring marketing materials that represent their company ONLY
Duplicate or sister businesses that want to distribute merchandise must fill out a separate form.